Ceiling Fan Installation or Lighting Fixture Replacement

The New York Times found that operating a ceiling fan throughout the year can reduce your power bill by making your rooms "feel" four to eight degrees cooler in the summer allowing you to keep your thermostat set to a higher temperature. You can also run fans on the reverse setting to push warm air closer to the floor of your house in the winter.

Replacing a current light fixture with a ceiling fan $75*

*Price includes labor and parts (including a fixture brace for safe installation, homeowner to supply the fan). Estimate is subject to change based on the condition of the electrical wiring and box the fan will be installed into.


We offer free estimates within 20 miles of Twin Falls. The estimate includes a written bid for the scope of work needed. If you live outside of the 20 mile radius we offer $50 estimates. The cost of the estimate will be deducted from the final invoice if you choose to proceed with the electrical work.


Receptacle Replacement 

Whether you have a burnt receptacle that needs to be replaced or you want to upgrade your current receptacle to include USB ports for convenience we have your covered.

Traditional receptacle replacement $40*

Upgraded USB receptacle $60*

*Prices include labor and parts. Estimate is subject to change based on the condition of the circuit and equipment currently in use.

Cost of Typical Household Projects

Are you contemplating a small electrical project at your house? Here are some typical projects and estimates.

Commercial and residential installation and repair. Upgrading receptacles and light fixtures. Installing and upgrading breakers and panels.

Payment for Work

Payment due  upon completion of work for projects less than $500. A 50% deposit is required at the acceptance of the estimate on work totaling more than $500. We accept cash, checks, and credit card payments.
Remove and safe off circuits, receptacles, fixtures, and pull wire back.
Repair damaged wire, circuits, equipment, panels, and boxes.
New construction roughing in systems, pulling in wire, and finish work.
Aerial lifts, bucket truck, parking lot lights, building wall packs.
Service upgrades including new panels, breakers, circuits.
Maintenance contracts and emergency service available.